Partial outage of Schema Reporting
Incident Report for Apollo Graph, Inc.
Schema Reporting had a partial outage from 2024-05-31 04:04 to 18:06 UTC.

This only affected the "Schema Reporting" feature of Apollo Server (, which can only be used by graphs that do not use Apollo Federation.

Other methods of schema publishing (including all methods of schema publishing for federated graphs and all graphs that use Apollo Router or Apollo Gateway) were unaffected.

During this period, a subset of graphs did not have their active schemas updated in GraphOS.

A secondary issue (a misconfiguration of our monitoring system specific to Schema Reporting) caused us to believe that this issue resolved immediately after it started to occur, leading to the 14-hour length of this incident. This misconfiguration has also been resolved.
Posted May 31, 2024 - 04:00 UTC